Keyboard Shortcut for ‘Open Preferences’ – macOS

If you want to open the Preferences in Safari, Mail, Pages… try holding down the Command key and press the comma key.

The screenshot below shows Preferences… followed by Command Comma.

If you want to learn more about keyboard shortcuts it is worth looking carefully at the symbols shown each time you select a menu item.

More details of this tip can be found in AUSOM News March 2018 HERE

Use Markup within Mail

If you are about to send a photo or image using Mail you may notice that it would be more useful if part of it was emphasised in some way?
There is no need to go back to Photos (iOS) or Preview (Mac).
You can select Markup (top right of the image) and added a circle or arrow without leaving Mail.



In the sample image I noticed the tree had no decorations
so I selected Markup and then added a star
with yellow fill and yellow outline using Markup.





To duplicate a selected star
hold down the option key and drag the star.
Recolour any of the stars and the image is ready to send.


More details of this tip can be found in AUSOM News December 2017 HERE