Using Pages macOS

A reminder to those who use Pages on their Mac.
Pages has its own settings for things like ‘check spelling’ and the use of ‘smart quotes’ and ‘text replacement’.
These setting can be found under the Edit Menu in Pages.

What is important to note is the settings may override or add to settings you might believe you have within the Mac System Preferences.


Replace Text macOS Keynote…

For those using Pages, Numbers or Keynote current
versions have made it a little tricky to locate ‘Find and

Under the Edit menu FIND is available however there is
no option for FIND & REPLACE.

Once you have selected FIND (or pressed Cmd+F) you will be shown:

To locate the REPLACE look at the additional options:

For further detail see AUSOM News, December 2019 here.

Change Case — Pages — macOS and iOS 11

Change Case — Pages — macOS and iOS 11

You can easily switch selected text between cases (upper case, lower case, capitalize).

You may need to do this if you find you have accidentally activated caps lock and continued typing a few words.

On a Mac

Select the text you want to change then use the Edit > Transformations Menu item (see image below).

On iOS — these details can be found in AUSOM News July 2018 HERE

Keyboard Shortcut for ‘Open Preferences’ – macOS

If you want to open the Preferences in Safari, Mail, Pages… try holding down the Command key and press the comma key.

The screenshot below shows Preferences… followed by Command Comma.

If you want to learn more about keyboard shortcuts it is worth looking carefully at the symbols shown each time you select a menu item.

More details of this tip can be found in AUSOM News March 2018 HERE

Taming Shapes in Pages

If adding shapes to your Pages Document on your Mac causes havoc to your text this tip is for you.

Having typed a great deal of text you may want to draw a border around it or place a vertical line beside it.

If you add a shape your text will move every time you move your shape.


To ‘tame your shape’:

•Select the shape,

•Select Text Wrap > None from Arrange Tab.


More details of this tip can be found in AUSOM News December 2017 HERE