Staying at Home — something different to discover

Staying at home has meant that many people have found new interests. Often as a result of following links on the Internet. Lightning has the effect of enthralling or terrifying us. This bolt appears to be striking right through a cloud. It is the result of parallax or depth of field but a great photo … Continue reading Staying at Home — something different to discover

Creativity Challenge

AUSOM's Creativity Challenge is underway - there are now 7 submissions for your enjoyment. Some of the creative activities undertaken while AUSOM members have been staying at home are now available for your enjoyment. Can anything be more creative than bending paper clips? The challenge officially runs until July 31st 2020 Further details: at OR … Continue reading Creativity Challenge

A Member’s Memorable Movie

Jan Dods has an endearing relationship with one of her grandchildren. A grandson who is a very active risk-taker, and with whom she has spent years trying to shape, modify and encourage. Jan recognises his talents. But the family laughingly says you look after him, “He is just a naughty boy”. This memorable movie captures … Continue reading A Member’s Memorable Movie

Blindly going where no one has gone before

Can you imagine sharing a bottle of wine, over the internet with good friends? Well, Phillip Lowe can and does.   He is delivered three masked bottles of red wine by a courier each fortnight and then on the appointed time, he sits down in front of his iMac to continue a fortnightly ritual called … Continue reading Blindly going where no one has gone before