Notes for using Zoom

Do you need assistance with using Zoom? Are you familiar with the all that Zoom can offer? Maybe you are wary about using Zoom because you are not sure about ‘Zoom etiquette’.

You can join a Zoom meeting using your iPad or your Mac — there are some differences. Maybe you want to share your screen when attending a meeting.

Neil Shelley’s notes will assist to make your experiences with Zoom more rewarding. They are available under the following headings:

  • ZOOM: Dos and Don’ts for Meeting Attendees
  • ZOOM: iPad Basics
  • ZOOM: iPad for the AUSOM Main Meeting
  • ZOOM: iPad Screen Sharing Parts 1 and 2
  • ZOOM: Mac Basics
  • ZOOM: Mac Screen Sharing
  • ZOOM: Mac for the AUSOM Main Meeting
  • ZOOM: Mac Sharing Keynote.

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Notes for using Zoom are available here