GarageBand Extravaganza 2015 DVD available to order online

DVDlabel2015Follow this link to fill out an order. $5 pickup from Main Meeting, or $6.40 delivered to you Australia-wide.

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  • Option Escape Blues – Peter Simondson
  • Jazz Notes – Kevin Blazé
  • Jam Session – Judy Young
  • Ants Make Waves – Ivan Radywonik
  • Cats v Dogs – Tim Gurrie
  • Clouds – Ian McKean
  • Kakoda – Franco Cianchi
  • Medieval – Allan Groves
  • Pompei  – Franco Cianchi
  • Card Trick – Pam Doughty
  • Abstraction – Ivan Radywonik
  • Paper Piano – Pam Doughty
  • On Ice – Judy Young
  • Street Action – Tim Gurrie

GarageBand SIG – About

The GarageBand SIG commenced in 2007 following requests by interested members, some of whom were trained musicians; others were movie makers wanting to make original soundtracks to their Movies. Some needed to develop their skills in podcasting for their careers and others were curious to explore the number of musical options made possible by GarageBand.

The strength of this SIG is the diversity of members and their willingness to share their skills. The monthly sessions are based on Workshops where members are encouraged to be active participants. Individuals demonstrate their particular interest be it construction of compositions, making of enhanced podcasts, making of soundtracks to accompany their individual Movies or importing sound from connected musical instruments and the voice to be edited in GarageBand.

What has become clear to GB users is that an understanding of iMovie, iTunes and Photos can enrich the many possibilities available in GarageBand. Regular email contact with the group is kept by the Coordinator of the SIG during the month as GB matters of interest become available.