Link Vaccination Certificate to Service Victoria app on Your iPhone

Soon everyone will need to prove their vaccination status to enter some business premises. This can be done in multiple ways. We will cover the best way for an iPhone which is to link the certificate from the Medicare Express Plus app with the Service Victoria app. This means you can prove you have checked-in and are vaccinated by scanning the QR code. Easy.

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Universal Word Count

Sometimes when we write we need to know how many words or characters we are writing. There might be word limits on an assignment submission or we just want to control the size of what is being written. Some software have a word count tool. Some software doesn’t. This universal word count can be used in TextEdit and Notes or anywhere that text can be selected.

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Inside Time Machine

Following a very successful demonstration at the macOS Intermediate SIG in June, which included restoring files from a Time Machine backup, many members had further queries.

Notes are now available “Inside Time Machine”. These cover many of the questions raised members at the meeting.

These can be downloaded from the link below: ‎

macOS Intermediate – About

Ready to go beyond the basics? Come along to macOS Intermediate and learn how to get more control over your Mac, and maybe how to do things that you didn’t know were possible. Past topics have included NAS, sharing media, backups, VPN. We operate at different skill levels to suit the topic but try to make every SIG available to both new and experienced Mac users.

Future topics include making a Bluetooth devices, special characters and keyboard shortcuts, favourite apps, multimedia devices, Console and Activity Monitor.

Is there something you particularly want to learn about? Attendees are welcome to request topics for future sessions. Or maybe you have expertise in a particular area that you can share.