Cards in Pages

At the Creativity SIG in August 2022, we will look at using the Pages app to create cards. Commencing with using the templates available with Pages.

If you would like the Pages document we created it is available here:

If you would like to experiment further with the topics covered during the SIG I have provided an archive of 5 Sample files.

Included in these samples are ideas provided at the SIG. Thank you for your assistance we now have a MUCH more believable photo appearing from an envelope and a file you could save as an A5 template if you need it.
Files in the archive are:
• SampleCardAdjusted: The larger card we worked on
• SampleA5Card: An A5 version of the card
• Sample2FoldCard: For those who want to print on one side of the paper only.
• SampleAdditionalItems: Some images that you might like to add…
• CardForSaturday: The card was shown briefly at the end of the SIG as an example of how you might ‘dress-up’ a photo for Christmas.

One thought on “Cards in Pages

  1. For sure, anyone would love the creative card that Pam produced.
    The recipient will never know how you managed to create this masterpiece.
    All the items you need for your own production are in the download.

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