Accessibility and the iPad

As we age, some accessibility issues are more common, such as vision problems. Choosing helpful features can be confusing, but a New Zealand teacher has created a PDF showcasing iPadOS features.

The information is for teachers and students, but I believe it is relevant for anybody.

Log in using your Apple ID to download the ‘Overview’ PDF near the foot of the page. Each QR code shown is a link to a short video (one or two minutes) explaining the feature.

For Apple’s documentation regarding getting started with accessibility features on your iPad, see:

AUSOM News on an iPad

Do you find the text within AUSOM News too small on your iPad? Reading it within Safari or if you are reading it within the Books app you will initially be faced with a full page with text that may be too small.

One way of enlarging the area within most of the 2-column articles is to double-tap on the area you would like to expand.

In the image above double-tap in the area circled results in the image below.

A double-tap on the ‘expanded’ screen will take you back to a full-page view.

If the double-tap method does not work you may need to place two fingers on the screen near each other. Spread them apart to zoom in, or move them toward each other to zoom out.