Get More from your iPhone or iPad

AUSOM Members assist others to get more from their iPhones and iPads: • Individual one to one sessions at Saturday meetings, or • iPhone SIG at 2:30pm at Saturday meetings, or • iPad Coach SIG at 1:30pm at Saturday meetings, or • AUSOM members can obtain assistance from volunteers listed here. email: for further details

man with iPad

iOS14 Settings: Consider these NOW

Some settings in iOS MAY be changed when you update to iOS14. A lot of apps report your location or feed data to others even apple and benefit others not you. The first video suggests 11 settings you need to turn OFF The second video suggests 8 settings that are beneficial to have turned … Continue reading iOS14 Settings: Consider these NOW

Save or Print from a Website (Mac or iOS)

Do you want to PRINT or SAVE information from AUSOM's website? You can save information from a website to read while not connected to the Internet. Using a Mac click somewhere within the area you want to save then access File>Print and from the next dialogue select the PDF button near the lower left of … Continue reading Save or Print from a Website (Mac or iOS)

Creative Use for old ‘Technology’

If you kept your older iPhone or iPad, think about using it to free-up storage on your current device. Add your recipes and keep the device charged in your kitchen; Keep your favourite photos on it to show friends. Safer than handing over your phone! Keep your music collection on it. Do you have a … Continue reading Creative Use for old ‘Technology’